Introducing the Picnic Trailer at Bidfood Expo 2022

We had the opportunity to participate in the largest gastronomic event of the year Bidfood Expo 2022, at which we presented for the first time our new Picnic Trailer, a cargo trailer for our E-CAFE BIKE with picnic equipment.

We owe our participation in the fair to Premium Gastro, who also took care of our tailor-made wheelchair equipment.

In the tailer you will find the best KÄNGABOX® thermoboxes, to maintain the correct temperature of food and beverages, the unbreakable set of Koziol Superglass design glasses and the Koziol ORGANIC set of dishes. Environmentally friendly, sustainable, reusable, food safe, recyclable and guaranteed formaldehyde or BPA free.

An unforgettable picnic ride can begin!

The Picnic Trailer can be customized to your dream form. We will design your trailer completely in your own colors, or the branding and logo of your company. Creativity has no limits.


Vytvořil Shoptet | Design