Komuter energy self-sufficient electric cargo trailer

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The most energy efficient cargo trailer with the smallest carbon footprint on the market.

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We are launching Komuter motorized and completely 100 % energy self-sufficient cargo trailer, which will be compatible with any common e-bikes or classic bikes, making it possible to transport large loads quickly and comfortably without any effort. We bring to the market a full-fledged emission-free alternative to the car and, thanks to several innovative technological solutions, set new standards in environmentally friendly logistics. Our mission is Zero emission delivery, therefore electric cargo trailer will have the smallest carbon footprint during production and their operation on the global market, which will give us a clear competitive advantage within ESG for the B2B and B2G customer segment. 

We also bring several innovative solutions:

  • Own energy self-sufficiency – we will be the only one on the market to use solar panels to charge the battery while driving, to reduce the carbon footprint when transporting cargo and goods, with only 8 hours* to recharge the battery from pure solar energy (*under ideal solar conditions). Our solution would thus represent the most effective form of recuperation on the market even after the final testing and determination of the real efficiency of the solar panels. The existing recovery solution for e-bikes using regenerative braking currently represents only units of percent of the returned energy back to the battery.
  • Driving assistance – when loading/unloading goods, it will be possible to use an automated electric drive and use the trailer as a manipulation cart, making handling and preparation easier and faster.
  • The highest load capacity – up to 250 kg.
  • Large storage area comparable to the storage area of a passenger car - up to 400-800 liters basic volume.
  • we will also use recycled batteries from the automotive industry, thereby ensuring the smallest carbon footprint in the production of our electric cargo trailers.
  • Solution also adapted for pharmaceutical use or food delivery, for the storage and transport of extremely delicate contents.
  • Service brake for safe stopping and parking brake.
  • Installation of flashing lights and brake lights.
  • USB outputs for charging external devices (e.g. mobile phone or GPS).
  • Integrated charger for easy charging directly from the mains.
  • Solution for full digital integration into the operators' systems, therefore we will develop own application for monitoring battery status, tracking, alarm, or lighting control.

We won 1st place in the Czech Creative Business Cup 2024 organized by CzechInvest agency and progressed to the world finals in Copenhagen.

We have been selected as TOP 10 startups in SME EnterPRIZE by Generali, and will proceed to the national finals in Prague on 3rd of June!


This project was developed with the financial support of the Technology Incubation program.

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